Trieste Shore Excursions Ideas

Trieste is the main seaport of northern Italy. It is a beautiful city with a very rich history and architecture and there are plenty of places to visit within the city, like the Miramare Castle, Castle San Guisto, Piazza Unita etc. But the city’s location right next to Slovenia offers also a great starting off point for some wonderful Trieste shore excursions.

Lake Bled and Ljubljana

Lake BledOne of the slightly longer Trieste shore excursions is a visit to Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana and one of Slovenia’s most beautiful sights, Lake Bled, that has an amazing island in the middle. The lake is surrounded by mountains and offers a very scenic view.

Ljubljana is one of the most charming European capitals. You can spend your time here strolling down the old streets admiring the art deco architecture, marveling in the beautiful sight of the Ljubljanica River and its many bridges and after enjoy the stunning view of the city and surrounding mountains from the castle hill. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities.

After the visit of Ljubljana you can take a drive to Lake Bled, which is a wonderful lake with an island. Why not take a short boat ride to visit the island? Or just walk around the lake, maybe sit down and eat a delicious piece of cake. The famous cream cake kremšnita is a local delicacy. Don’t forget to also visit the castle hill which offers a wonderful view of the entire lake and the surrounding stunning mountains!

Postojna Cave with Predjama Castle or Škocjanske Caves

Postojna CaveOne of the best Trieste shore excursions and definitely a must see are the Postojna Cave and Predjama castle. The visit of Postojna cave starts by an underground train ride during which you can already enjoy beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. After the train ride you will be joined by a tour guide who will take you for a walk around this stunning big cave.

Only a short drive away is the Predjama Castle. Here you will be greeted by a stunning sight of a wonderful medieval castle carved into a side of a cliff. You can visit the castle and learn more about its history and the “Slovene Robin Hood” who used to reside there.

Postojna Cave is the most famous one, but if you want to visit the most stunning cave and experience a unique UNESCO heritage sight, than you have to go to Škocjanske Caves. Visit this network of eleven caves which contain some of the most beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and limestone pools you will ever see. The caves also have some incredible biodiversity and contain the largest underground canyon in the world!

Lipizzaner Stud Farm

Lipizzaner Stud FarmFor a different kind of visit, choose the Lipizzaner Stud Farm. Lipica is home to one of the most elegant horse breed, the Lipizzaner stud, a breed that was initially bread for royalty – the Habsburgs. The Stud Farm is still fully functional and breeds and trains the finest horses for haute-école riding. Find out more about these majestic horses or just enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the farm.

Slovenian Coastline

Slovenian Coastline - PiranOne of the more local Trieste shore excursions can take you for a picturesque ride by the Slovene coastline. You can visit some coastline towns Like Piran, Izola and Koper and enjoy beautiful views and architecture and some delicious Slovene wine.

For the more adventurous explorers there is also a possibility of an e-bike tour. You can take an incredibly scenic ride through Italy, Slovenia and Croatia on the famous Parenzana trail, a defunct railway between Trieste and Poreč.


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