Do you want to have healthy and beautiful skin?

Natural and organic cosmetics can help you with that! It includes everything that your skin needs. Natural extracts and other organic ingredients make your skin healthy, beautiful and shiny. The highest is the percentage of natural ingredients, the better is the cosmetics product. If you use them, your skin will be absolutely very grateful and it will look much better.


Nontoxic cosmetics products

It is very important to know what is in the cosmetics you use. Pure natural ingredients are the best choice and many customers are aware of that. We have to know what we are putting in our skin and our bodies. In many cosmetics products there are ingredients that can be harmful for your skin, it is irritating to your skin or you could get an allergic reaction to it. If your skin is very sensitive, you should avoid that kind of products. It is always important to read all the ingredients before you buy or order a new product for skin care. Look also for certifications because you should trust only certified natural and organic cosmetics.

List of toxic ingredients that you should avoid and could potentially negatively impact our body’s function and cause issues like allergies, cancer or reproductive harm:

  • Phthalates – can disrupt our bodies’ normal hormone functions. Studies linked them with issues like female infertility, birth defects, lower sperm counts and obesity issues.
  • Parabens – mimic estrogen, which disrupt normal hormone functioning and cause sexual reproductive harm.
  • BHA and BHT – often named Butylated compounds, act as preservative in cosmetics. They can disrupt our hormones and cause reproductive issues.
  • Octinoxate and Oxybenzone – these UV filters can disrupt our bodies’ normal hormone functions. They are found in sunscreen, moisturizer, nail polish and lipsticks.
  • Triclosan – can disrupt our hormones and been linked with accumulating body’s fat issues.
  • Hydroquinone or Tocopheryl Acetate – linked with skin and respiratory problems. Banned from cosmetics in the European Union.

Certified organic cosmetics contain only ingredients that are beneficial for your skin and does not include and toxins and other harmful ingredients. It is non-toxic and gentle to your skin, so it does not cause any irritation. Carefully selected and effective natural ingredients without sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, etc. can help your skin stay healthy.

Natural products are essential for good skin care

What is essential for good skin care? It is important to take care for your skin every day and live a healthy and not too stressful lifestyle. You can take care for your skin in many different ways, but do not forget to read all the ingredients of the products you use – they should be as natural as possible. In case that your skin is very sensitive or you have problems with it, is even more important to use natural products for skincare. Natural and organic cosmetics are something that your skin really needs!

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