Best Koper Tours within a Short Time

The Slovenian shore is truly charming and beautiful, its cities are very rich in history and offer many wonderful and worth visiting attractions. The Port of Koper especially is an excellent jumping off point for some fun Koper Tours.

Piran and the Slovenian Coastline

PiranPiran is not only the oldest Slovenian town, but also one of the most beautiful ones. With its Venetian influenced 15th century architecture it will transport you back in time and make you feel like you are visiting Venice. Almost every corner offers a beautiful picture opportunity and you are guaranteed to fall in love with this little gem of a town.

You can also take a picturesque ride by the Slovene coastline and experience it in its entire beauty or you can visit some other coastline towns (Izola, Koper or Portorož) and enjoy some beautiful views and architecture.

Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

Postojna CaveOne of the best Koper Tours is the visit of Postojna Cave and Predjama castle. A real must see for anyone who visits Slovenia! You will start your visit of the Postojna cave by train, which will take you deep into the underground. Then a tour guide will take you for a walk in the most stunning underground environment you will ever experience.

Near Postojna Cave you can also visit the Predjama Castle. Prepare to be amazed at the sight of this beautiful castle carved into a side of a cliff. Here you can learn all about the “Slovene Robin Hood” and test some of your medieval archery skills. Do not forget to make some stunning photos!

Škocjanske Caves

If you want to cross off a gem on your UNESCO bucket list, you definitely have to visit the Škocjanske Caves. It is a network of eleven caves which contain some of the most beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and limestone pools you will ever see and have some incredible biodiversity. There is even the largest underground canyon in the World.

Lipizzaner Stud Farm

Lipizzaner Stud FarmLipica is home to one of the most elegant horse breed, the white Lipizzan stud.

Here you can visit the stud farm where they still breed and train these majestic horses that were initially bread for the Habsburgs.

Today Lipica Stud Farm is still fully functional and breeds the finest horses for haute-école riding.



LjubljanaThanks to Slovenia being small, one of the Tours from Koper can also take you more in the heart of the country. Ljubljana with its castle hill and historical old town is one of the most beautiful European capitals and it is only 1 hour away from coastline. In Ljubljana you can take a stroll down the old medieval streets and many bridges and enjoy the view from the really beautiful and picturesque castle hill.

Ljubljana will charm you with its history and art deco architecture.

Lake Bled

Lake BledAfter that you can take a drive to Lake Bled. Lake Bled is a beautiful lake with an island that you can visit by boat. Take a walk around the lake or just sit and enjoy a delicious piece of the famous cream cake (kremšnita) – a local delicacy. You can also visit the castle hill with a wonderful view of the entire lake. All of this while surrounded by the most stunning mountains!