Paynura Affiliate Program

Do you use online ewallets? Skrill, Neteller and other digital wallets are certainly very popular in online gaming, poker room, Forex community and casinos. Paynura offers a very efficient affiliate program for Skrill and Neteller that provides a great opportunity to earn additional income – attractive commissions in Bitcoin, dollars or euros. The more new customers for Skrill or Neteller you get, the greater you earn!

What is Paynura?

Paynura is an exclusive affiliate program for ewallets like Skrill and Neteller. It offers you a very flexible affiliate deal and different commission payment methods. All commission payouts are fast, so you will get your money as soon as possible. Additionally, Paynura offers you exclusive support and detailed and transparent reporting of your affiliate performance.

paynura - skrill and neteller affiliate program

The Best Skrill Affiliate Program


skrill affiliate program Skrill Affiliate Program

Paynura is easy-to-use and very successful affiliate program for Skrill and other ewallets. If you are looking for the best Skrill affiliate program, choose Paynura! The Paynura affiliate program has many different benefits and is a great partner for gaming sites, poker rooms and casinos that use Skrill as a payment solution.

Skrill is a very widely known ewallet that can be used discreetly, so it is ideal for gaming and trading. Customers can pay for services and goods with digital wallet or use it for other purposes. Ewallet is actually more than just a virtual wallet – it is virtual banking service and customers can use it not only to pay different online services or buy something, but also to transfer their money. Digital wallets like Skrill are a great replacement for credit card, while they are very secure online payment and money transfer option. All financial and other information is fully protected.

Very Efficient Neteller Affiliate Program How can ewallets balance out forex-trading risks?

Gaming, poker and Forex communities often use integrated payment solutions with different digital wallets. One of the most commonly used digital wallets is called Neteller and it is very popular among users from all around the world. Paynura is a digital wallet affiliate program. That means that you can earn affiliate commission with referrals that become new customers of Neteller.

Affiliate Program Help You Earn Extra Money

Online gamers and gamblers, users of Forex and other online communities like discretion and security of their financial and personal information. Digital wallets provide them both, and they also offer them a very simplified way to transfer and withdraw their money. Your customers will be grateful, if you extend payment options on your site with ewalletts like Skrill or Neteller.

As a Paynura affiliate, you can earn some extra money with every new user of Skrill or Neteller that use your referral link. There are also other exclusive benefits that give you an option to earn even more. Paynura gives you also different benefits for your customers – once they verify their account all new customers will get an instant Skrill and Neteller VIP upgrade with high account transaction limits, free P2P transfers, free bank withdrawals and many more. So join the program and become a Paynura affiliate – start promoting ewallets, refer your customers to use them and earn a lot of money!

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