Essentiq – Manufacturer of Organic Cosmetics

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Essentiq is a manufacturer of organic cosmetics that produces environmentally friendly products that have many great benefits for your skin. It does not include any harmful ingredients, like synthetic colors, mineral oils, sulfates, etc. In case that your skin is very sensitive, organic cosmetics with awards winning formulations is the best choice for you and your skin.

Natural ingredients are the best

It is also a great choice for people with very dry, oily or problematic skin and for everybody who care for the environment. Their natural products can help you reduce irritation of your skin that can be caused by conventional cosmetic products and make your skin healthier. It is actually the best choice for everybody, so you should really try to use it!

A variety of amazing organic products

Essentiq – manufacturer of organic cosmetics offers you a great selection of different organic products for:

  • facial care
  • body care,
  • hair care,
  • kids care.

Certified organic cosmetics

All their products are not only certified organic (they contain over 98 % of organic ingredients), but also vegan and they can also provide you a complete treatment of your skin, face, body and hair. The brand is produced cruelty free and respects the environment – all their packages are recyclable. Its goal is to make a natural and organic products without toxins or pollutants and with the best ingredients from nature. Natural skin and hair care is absolutely the most ethical choice you can make!

Other natural products

They also offer you other amazing natural products, that you should really try, like are diffusers and room sprays and luxury cosmetics with plant stem cells that can provide an innovative formula for complete regeneration of skin and can protect it from ageing. This luxury magic line increase skin elasticity and can reduce wrinkles. It is incredibly effective and the best way to make your skin more youthful with completely natural ingredients.

Essentiq Antiage Luxury Cosmetics