Electronic Lab Notebook

Electronic Lab Notebook or ELN is a very useful tool for researchers and scientists who want to organize their data. It provides them a safe and easily accessible cloud-based space for all their analytical data. This innovative and simple to use digital solution can absolutely make research more effective.

Organize your research

How to organize your research? There are many different solutions for research data management available on the market than can help you with that. One of them is also SciNote –  electronic lab notebook (ELN). With its help, you can organize your research easier and smarter.

ELN can be used in a same way as paper notebook: for writing and formatting notes, but it provides coherence and context to your notes. It allows scientists to systematically organize their research. It is also possible to import notes and different data types (tables, graphs, pictures, etc.) in ELN or share them with your colleagues.

A lot of additional functionalities

Electronic Lab Notebook is not just cloud-based data storage for your excel sheets, tables and other notes, but has many other functionalities:

  • you can search through all your data,
  • it is possible to generate a report very quickly and easily,
  • you can use it for more efficient inventory management,
  • user’s activity is automatically recorded and time stamped,
  • it offers real-time collaboration and better communication with other researchers, clients, supervisors etc.

SciNote - Product and Functionalities Overview

Cloud-based software is better for team work

There are different ELNs available to researchers. Some of them can be installed locally and others are cloud-based. What to choose for your research and your data storage? Both options are fine, offers a safe space for your data, but cloud-base software is accessible from any place and any time, and this is a great advantage.

Cloud-based ELN is not only easily accessible to you, but also to your colleagues. You can share your data or research results with them and they can collaborate and communicate with you in real-time. With this kind of digital tool data can be globally distributed and researchers from different parts of the World can work together without any difficulty.

Cloud-based ELN is not only a useful tool for individual researchers, but can have great benefits on team work. Using an ELN in a lab improve collaboration, communication and effectiveness of any research team, so it can be used not only as great data storage but also as great team management software.

How to choose the best ELN for your lab?

If you are looking for the best ELN for your lab, check www.SciNote.net, one of the best ELNs out there. It is very user friendly and useful digital solution for data, project, team and inventory management:

  • it can save you a lot of time,
  • it keeps all your data organized, protected and safe,
  • it helps you find your notes or research data easier and much faster,
  • it can keep your team notified and informed,
  • you can use it for sharing your research,
  • it can provide you a detailed report of lab’s inventory,
  • it provides you an archive for your past research,
  • it increase your work efficiency,
  • it can help your team become more productive,
  • it has great customer support that is available to you at any time.

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