Top 3 Secure Email Providers

In the business of email marketing, there is a need for a secure electronic mail provider because to a company, privacy is key. It is of paramount importance that when you start looking for email service providers, you ensure they can keep the contents of your messages secure and private. Here are some of the best email providers who provide secure encrypted services to their users.


They have been operational since 1999, becoming one of the longest serving providers. They are known to own and operate their own servers. This means that the user’s data cannot be stored or sent to a third-party server. Even though this provider has access to your inbox, they do not snoop around in your email inboxes, they do not scan emails and offers an easy one-click encryption. Hushmail was created with privacy, simplicity, and security in mind.


Founded by privacy supporters and activists based in Seattle, RiseUp is a digital collective offering free emailing tools that consider the anonymity and security of its users important. RiseUp was created after its developers saw the need hence the importance for an electronic mail privacy. The company provides email solutions that are secure, with no censoring and zero trackers. Since 1999, owners of the company have strived to keep their services free from government interference. So far, no information has been seized by any government or third-party entity. The only downside to this is that it requires a support ticket to request an email with a couple of days to acquire an account.


It is considered to be one of the most secure email providers as it is also different from other providers. Instead of ShazzleMail hosting your content, they have designed it in a way where you are the server. This means that you store your data locally. However, since you act as a server, it means that if you’re using a smartphone and it runs out of battery, then your server is offline, but the advantage to it is locally hosted data.

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