Some of the Best Software for Bulk Email

software for bulk email sendingEven though the term email marketing might be self-explanatory to most people, executing such a campaign requires the assistance of an app or software, commonly known as email marketing software. Such software comes in handy when you want to send emails to your existing or potential clients in bulk.

Most businesses, such as newspaper publishers, use bulk email software to inform their subscribers when they release their next publication and what it contains. Similarly, online casinos use the same method to notify their members about bonuses, free spins and playing without depositing any money. If you want, personalised emails can be sent to every recipient you have on your marketing list.

Here are some of the best softwares you can use for sending bulk messages.


Of all the leading email marketing softwares, AWeber is the most preferred choice. The main reason is because AWeber has not only email marketing analytics, but also auto-responders that help deliver better conversion. AWeber mobile apps are also available both for Android and iOS devices; they are used for easily managing of your email services on the go.


First and foremost, SendBlaster is a free email marketing software and also a serious contender in the market. The software offers small businesses a chance to go head to head with their giant contenders. With SendBlaster, you can create an impactful email by using many of the free templates available with the software. SendBlaster comprises of an embedded editor which can be used concurrently with an external HTML editor. The software also features an efficient analyser which can be integrated with Google Analytics. By using Google Analytics, you can get data on product purchases, the number of emails read and subscriptions received to your website, among other things.


If you are new to email marketing tools, then GetResponse might be your best choice since it is one of the easiest email marketing services available for bulk messages. The software features a collection of amazing tools that are connected to email marketing softwares. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, GetResponse works for everyone.

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