With the development of today’s technology and all the social networks, it is easy to say that emails are still the centre of all communications in business done on the web. Therefore, it’s essential to research and find the best electronic mail services provided. Decide on what suits you best, as the majority of people are satisfied with the service they have.

Due to technical problems, most users are only used to a few providers, and ignore the rest. To determine whether an e-mail service provider is legit, you should consider the following; easy to use interface, mobile accessibility, adequate storage space, efficient spam filte, and the availability of a desktop client.

Here are some of the top free e-mail service providers.


At the moment, Gmail is one of the best free e-mail service providers. This is because it is both user-friendly and simple. Offering free storage of over 10GB, it allows access through mobile devices, and an excellent spam filter. With a built-in chat, it enables users to use both video and voice chat. You can also chat via text. Gmail also finds old or lost emails and messages through their search capability. It also customises email services for individuals, organizations, and businesses. After you have proven a website is yours, Gmail then helps you to manage your personalized emails, and can host them on the server.


This is not as popular, but it is reliable. Viruses and spams are properly filtered. It allows attachment for up to 50MB, and provides unlimited email storage. When you use their email collector, you can manage your email accounts, both on the mobile and web. GMX uses SSL encryption to protect users’ email from viruses and spam.

Zoho mail

With features such as a task manager, calendar, instant chat, notes and other business applications available in Google apps, Zoho mail is meant for professionals. It is quite easy to manage and setup. To protect the privacy of its users, Zoho mail doesn’t show ads. Also, for marketing purposes, there is no scanning for keywords in the email messages.