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Free Bulk Email.
Update: Saturday, 28 August 2004

Free bulk email program for managing all your email lists with a special feature of importing directly from your account with globel, this unique feature aids managing your email campaigns no end to find out more please review the Free Bulk FAQ!!

Download Free Bulk Email For Windows
Version 1.0.9

For more information on this update click here!

If you use the free version you will need to create an account at Globel and then you will have Free use Forever of up to 100 emails in one shot on this software with your own list, also; it's not time limited and you will be able to update it; and all completely FREE just one condition! You must have a valid up to date account with Globel if you do not the program will de-register itself.

Go one step further and become a paid user of Globel and you will be able to use website forms for subscribing your members to your lists, the bulk email program is feature rich in this department and then will mail up to 1000 in one shot!





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